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Other Stays


The Santa Ana accommodation will remain open during the summer months June, July, August and September, welcoming both students and groups from the main academic centres in Madrid. During this period of time Santa Ana will be a mixed accommodation.

Because of its privileged location in the centre of Madrid, Santa Ana is the perfect place to stay during the summer months as it will allow you to conclude your studies in a friendly and peaceful environment as well as enjoy Madrid's great leisure activities that Madrid offers during these months, without relying on public transport. During these months, the Santa Ana accommodation will allow diverse options, in both accommodation type and any dietary requirements, with the finality of adapting to you needs as much as possible.

We have single and double rooms on offer with: only accommodation, half-board(breakfast + lunch or dinner) and full-board.

Accommodation for parents

Santa Ana offers the possibility for parents to share the same experiences with their children while at the accommodation. For this, Santa Ana offers its accommodation services to parents during their stays in Madrid.

International Students

The accommodation has a number of limited spaces for international and Erasmus students. With this, Santa Ana accommodation wants to create an environment where students can learn about other cultures and have the chance to further enhance their knowledge practising other languages.

Other accomodation options

Besides all the possibilities for accommodation we offer at Santa Ana, we also manage the renting of studio apartments, apartments and shared apartments, because we want to meet all your needs.


For more information and special offers, please contact us through email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application For Accommodation

The registration period for the term 2021/2022 is now open.

Contact with us through our website, by telephone or e-mail to check availability. In the admission section you can obtain the necessary information and download the application form.

Notice Board

During the summer months (June, July, August and September) the female accommodation Santa Ana offers its services of accommodation to the general public and groups for days and/or weeks stays.

Contact us for more information!

Find us at

C/Francisco de Rojas, nº3 - 3º
Madrid - 28010
91 447 34 42 - 609 07 15 37

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